Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Learning To Read The Unschooling Way

In her book The Unschooling Handbook, Mary Griffith has a list of the five best ways to teach your child to read. 

Number 1: Read aloud to them
Number 2: Read aloud to them
Number 3: Read aloud to them
Number 4: Read aloud to them
Number 5: Read aloud to them

There are lots of things that you can do - be a reader yourself for one - that you can do to inspire a love of reading in your children. Homeschoolers who use a more traditional approach may use books (such as this one) or other programs as well. In our home we tend toward the un-school, eclectic approach and have found that with all our kids, reading aloud to them is what made the difference. They all started to read at different ages - some early, some later - but they all learned at their own pace. When they did connect with reading they all progressed at a very fast pace and are all voracious readers.

A good place to start is with books they like and are interested in. Chapter books are great because they are not intimidating for beginning readers. The library is an excellent resource so visit it often and let them check out what interests them. Visit a book store to see the large selection; seeing the vast amount of books available on so many subjects can encourage the desire to learn.

Make reading time a favorite time of the day. Early afternoon with tea and a cozy quilt or just before bed, snuggled together under the covers. Keep it enjoyable and they will be drawn to it.

Here is a short list that most of my kids liked:
The Laura Ingalls series
Linda Bailey Time Traveling Books
The Junie B Jones series
The Hardy Boys (the older ones - corny but fun)
The Life Of Fred (elementary series) - actually math books but my son loved to read them

Have A Great Day!